Who? - 20 lucky contestants will be chosen for a 30 Day FIT4PRIDE Challenge (May/June)

What? - Each contestant will be paired up with another of his or her like body types or goals.

When? - Apply by May 10. Each chosen applicant will be notified by May 15.

Entrants will be trained in teams of two and will win as a team.

Challenge Requirements:
• Must complete 2 GGX classes per week - Boot Camp, Body Pump, Zumba or Cycle Class.
• Must have the willingness to take on a healthier lifestyle. Each contestant will be set up on a personalized dotFIT nutrition program and will be required to track nutrition online thru. dotFIT.
• Must complete all Personal training appointments with Fitness Manager during the 30 days. 
• Must be ready and willing to make some serious changes in their current fitness / nutrition routines.

Challenge Benefits:
• 30 day+ PNW Fitness Membership (formerly Gold's Gym - Capitol Hill)
• Guidance from a personal trainer
• Knowing that you’ll be Fit for Pride!