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PrideFest Seattle Center

The official Pride Festival at Seattle Center! This year celebrating 50 years since the start of the modern LGBTQ rights movement, ignited by the Stonewall Riots in New York. Come one, come all, to this free celebration, to honor the events where Pride began.


Hosts:   Aleksa Manila 1:00 – 7:00              Ethylina Canne  2:00-4:00              Caesar Hart ~2-6PM

12:00-1:00                           The Other Side of Pride – Eric Martin

1:00-1:25                              Seattle Ladies Choir

1:25-1:30                              Host Welcome

1:30-1:35                              Mayor Jenny Durkan

1:35-1:45                              Surprise UNION

1:45-1:48                              STONEWALL HISTORY MOMENT

1:48-1:58                              Fit For Pride

1:58-2:10                              Host Welcomes Ethylina Canne “The Queen of Palm Springs”

2:10 -2:35                             Varla Jean Merman

2:35-2:45                              Cheer Seattle

2:45-2:48                              STONEWALL HISTORY MOMENT

2:48-2:58                              SailorHank

2:58-3:08                              Whim W’him

3:08 –3:12                            Sponsor thanks and hosts chatting – STONEWALL HISTORY MOMENT

3:12-3:35                              The Purple Lemonade

3:35-3:55                              Jaimie Wilson

3:55-4:00                              Egan Orion Festival Focus – STONEWALL HISTORY MOMENT

4:00-4:05                              Stonewall Focus

4:05-4:30                              Jinkx Monsoon

4:30-4:35                              AMP Feature

4:35-4:55                              AJA

4:55-5:10                              Mama Tits – Judy Garland Tribute

5:10-5:14                              Sponsor Thanks (HOST) and STONEWALL HISTORY MOMENT

5:14-5:44                              LATIN X SHOWCASE

5:44-5:59                              Sponsor Thanks – STONEWALL HISTORY MOMENT

6:05-6:10 Vincent Dance Feature

6:30-6:50                              Xander Corbett

Earlier Event: June 29
PrideFest Capitol Hill